How to Fix “Vizio TV won’t Turn On” Issue [all methods]


On a given day, when you’re all set to chill and relax watching a good movie, web series, or a soccer match on your Vizio TV, and find out it won’t turn on. There’s no worse situation to spoil your mood. One will presume that the TV is broken and would need a technician to fix it.

If the same happens to your Vizio TV, don’t lose your cool, as it may not be that serious as it appears. Infact, you need to spend a couple of minutes troubleshooting your Vizio TV. There could be several reasons for your Vizio TV not turning ON and knowing a possible cause can help you resolve the issue in no time.


Fix “Vizio TV won’t Turn On” Issue

Remote Control Issues

Vizio TV Remote Issues

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If you’re trying to turn on your Vizio TV using a remote, and it won’t turn on, it is very likely that the remote control batteries are dead. You should replace old batteries with the newer ones and give it a shot. If it still won’t work, try turning on the TV by pressing the power button. If the TV turns on this way, you know your remote control is dead and its time to get a new one.

Power Issues

If you don’t find any issues with your remote following the first step, there could be a power source issue causing the problem. In order to check that, try pressing the Menu button on your remote as well as TV, and if the menu pops up, then your TV is getting its power. The power source could be an issue and you may want to properly connect to a power source before trying to turn it on again.

If pressing the Menu button, doesn’t pop the Menu option on your TV, there is certainly a power issue preventing your TV to turn on. You should consider trying below.

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  • Power Cycle Vizio TV
    Most of the power-related issues can be resolved by power cycling your Vizio TV.
    1. Unplug cord of your TV from the current outlet and leave it disconnected for a few minutes.
    2. Press and hold the power button (usually on the bottom left or right side) on your TV for 10 seconds.
    3. Try turning on your TV again.

If power cycling your TV didn’t work, you can try the below option.

Vizio TV Power Issue

  • Check the Power Cord
    A loose power cord could also be one of the reasons that your TV won’t turn on. You need to make sure that the connection to both the power outlet and the TV are firmly plugged in. You may want to unplug it and then plug it back in again to see if it works. If it doesn’t, you should also check if the current outlet is working as it could be faulty too.

Contact Vizio Support

If any of the above solutions didn’t work for you, the only option left is to contact Vizio Support for further help. Moreover, if you want to cast your device on Vizio TV then you should see our guide on how to cast Vizio TV.

I hope you find this guide helpful to fix the “Vizio TV won’t Turn On” issue. Do let us know your views and opinions in the comments section.

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  1. Well this just happened after 3 days of use. I’m debating on returning now… and going with Samsung. Very disappointed I had my last 43 vizio for 7 yrs and still works , I get a new 55 vizio and it’s dead in 3 days … total crap!!!

  2. Wow!!! This really worked!!!! Someone put the TV on the curb and I decided to pick it up and when I brought it home and the power light would come on and fade off. I gave up after a few tries, about 2 hours later I said wait, let me at least google it and wa! la! The TV came on!

  3. It started with the tv not turning on right away, i had to try four or five time turning it on, then I’d get sound, then on the next try I would see the Vizio logo and then I’d get picture. But now it’s just dead.

  4. I would never 👎 never 👎 buy a Vizio TV again. I bought Vizio TV last month & have a problem from the start. After a month is dead! What a waste of money!

    • I am having the same problem. When I first got the TV it would just randomly turn on and now it won’t turn on at all. Bought it less than 60 days ago but have misplaced my receipt. What a waste!

  5. The power cycle worked for me my tv wouldn’t turn on all day it’s about 10 years old and I thought for sure it had finally died on me but this totally worked😁

  6. We have a 55 in Vizio that started doing this same thing. I have done this reset thing several times, it will work for a day or two and then back to the same thing. I will never buy another Vizio TV again. Trying to decide what brand to go with when I throw this one out in the front yard

  7. My Visio TV won’t turn on . I have to unplug it from the wall completely and plug it back . After doing this, It will turn on with the remote a few times and then I am back unplugging it . It’s very bothersome. I believe this is a factory defect . I will no longer purchase a this product .

  8. i have a large LG smart tv, several years old, never a problem. Visio, have had to reset several times, it is slow to power up. Won’t get another Visio.

  9. I have a Vizio Tv, which turns on and off when I plug the power, and it has been like this ever since the start of August. The tv logo/production brand just pops up and then it keeps popping back on the screen, and I can control it.

  10. I have 10 year old 42 inch visio that only turns on by the button on the TV. I also have no sound on any channels. I have an optical cord attached to a sound bar and that only works when I play a DVD playing.. whats wrong?


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