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Pixel Buds Pro firmware update is Rolling out with Volume EQ feature

Pixel Buds Pro is the premium in-ear buds that were launched recently. Google is currently pushing out a much-needed firmware update for its all-new Pixel Buds Pro. The latest update steps up the version of the Pixel Buds Pro from firmware v73 to v2.12. This update is seemingly a hotfix that Google is pushing to make up for the missing features.

Pixel buds Pro firmware update v2.12

The new Pixel Buds Pro firmware adds the Volume EQ feature to the audio device. The equalizer which is the expansion of the term EQ helps in adjusting the tuning when tweaking the volume of the Buds up or down. With proper EQ even at lower volumes, the audio output offered by Pixel Buds Pro will have clarity.

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In the coming days, Google will amp up the efficiency of the Pixel Buds Pro. You will have a better EQ that comes with a 5-band adjustment which will also accompany spatial audio support, head tracking, and volume balancing.

Google timed the update roll out quite well. Those users who newly acquired their Pixel Buds Pro can download the 2.12 firmware version right as they unbox their in-ear buds. Otherwise, you may also manually check for the update and grab it. The 2.12 Google Pixel Buds Pro firmware update is a complete one and is available to all users.

Manually Install Pixel Buds Pro Firmware Update

For those who wish to update their Pixel buds Pro manually, here are the steps you need to follow. For the Pixel phone owners, navigate to Pixel Buds Pro settings > tap on More settings > tap Firmware update.

And users who own an Android device other than Pixel phones can download the Google Pixel Buds App from the Play Store to upgrade the firmware of their new Pixel Buds Pro. Some users have been complaining of getting a “cannot connect to earbuds” error message. To fix that, simply restart your phone. This trick works in fixing the connectivity error for updating the Pixel Buds Pro.

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