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Pixel buds Pro launched

Grab Pixel Buds Pro and Pixel Buds A-Series at lowest price since launch!

As the festive season is approaching, so are the unmatched discounts on gadgets and wearables. If you're looking to grab some good quality Wireless Earbuds, then make sure to check the...
Pixel Buds Pro 5-Band Equalizer in latest Update

Pixel Buds Pro starts getting 5-Band Equalizer in latest Update

Google starts rolling out a new firmware update for its Pixel Buds Pro that includes the full 5-Band Equalizer. The feature arrives along with Pixel Buds Pro version 3.14. In the...

Get Pixel Buds Pro for $175 and Pixel 6a for $399

As the Google's hardware event is fast approaching on October 6th 2022. The search engine giant discounted its newly launched Pixel Buds Pro and Pixel 6A on Amazon. Google Pixel Buds...
Pixel buds Pro launched

Pixel volume menu now supports Pixel Buds Pro ANC Settings

Pixel Buds Pro’s ANC settings are now making their way to the volume menu of Android 13. This means if you have a Pixel device running the latest Android 13 you...
Pixel buds Pro launched

New Pixel Buds Pro firmware update v2.14 starts rolling out

Last week Google announces Pixel Buds Pro along with Pixel 6A. After just one week of launching Pixel Buds Pro gets the second update. Last week, Google adds the Volume EQ...
Pixel buds Pro launched

Pixel Buds Pro firmware update is Rolling out with Volume EQ feature

Pixel Buds Pro is the premium in-ear buds that were launched recently. Google is currently pushing out a much-needed firmware update for its all-new Pixel Buds Pro. The latest update steps...

Google Pixel Buds Pro brings smart audio switching feature

Google announced the new Pixel Buds Pro at IO 2022 along with many other products such as Pixel 6A. Both products were launched in India yesterday and are available for pre-booking....
Google IO 2021 will go Live Today

Google announces new casting abilities at Google I/O

Google announced many new things at Google I/O this year, the majority of it was the new Pixel hardware. Google introduced the new Pixel 6A, Pixel Buds Pro, and the new...
Google Pixel 6A launched

Google launches a bunch of new Pixel devices

Google I/O 2022 wrap up - Google launched the Pixel 6A smartphone along with the Pixel Buds Pro earbuds have also been released. Google also dropped a teaser of its upcoming Pixel...



How to cast Zoom meetings to Chromecast

Video conferencing through multiple devices at home has become a mandatory requisite these days when people are sitting inside their homes to protect themselves...