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New features for Space Managers in Google Chat

Google Chat is a powerful tool for collaboration and communication within teams and across organizations. Space managers in Google Chat are users who have certain administrative privileges to manage spaces within a...
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Google Chat gets a new Bottom Bar UI on Android

Google Chat messaging interface has received significant tweaks. The latest update with the 2021.10.31.408397499 build introduces a bottom bar UI in the Google Chat app. In the older build of Google Chat,...
Google Workspace Update gives you more info on your coworkers

Richer information card of your contacts in the sidebar for Google Chat, Calendar, Docs,...

Google has been pushing features to their Workspace apps that could improve interpersonal communication. This includes the UI uplifts we saw on Google Chat. Now, the latest Google Workspace Update gives...
Workspace Update: Hangouts to Google Chat Upgrade will Commence from August 16th

Hangouts to Google Chat Upgrade will start from August 16th

Hangouts, the 2017 cross-platform messaging service from Google, is the cornerstone of Google Chat. The service never made it up to Google's expectations. We believe Facebook and WhatsApp might be to...
Workspace Update Google Chat UI gets a Facelift

Workspace Update: Google Chat UI gets a Facelift

Google Chat is a messaging service that came in as a replacement for Google Hangouts. You might be familiar with the more popular Google Meet. While Meet is for more personal...
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Google Chat beta preview a few days away from availability!

After a long wait of two years, Google is finally released on the verge to release the beta version of Google Chat that is to be distributed among its users to...



How to cast Zoom meetings to Chromecast

Video conferencing through multiple devices at home has become a mandatory requisite these days when people are sitting inside their homes to protect themselves...