home mini connect old speakers

How to use old speakers wirelessly with Google Home

Audio technology has changed a lot in the past few years. The speakers have gone from analog to digital and now use fiber optics to transfer signals across different speakers. Many...
Cast firefox to TV

How to cast Firefox browser to TV using Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast has been the best casting device with great value for money. It has made a normal television turn into a smart one by projecting the contents from a device...
How to cast Yahoo Sports

How to Cast Yahoo Sports to TV using Chromecast

Let me tell you the easy steps to cast Yahoo Sports to TV using Chromecast. Everyone loves to watch sports of various kinds as per their choice. Yahoo Sports live streams...

How to take a picture on Chromebook

Here is another how-to guide featuring Chromebook as the protagonist. While it seems so simple, there ought to have beginners who don't know how to carry out certain basic functions such...
cancel amazon freetime subscription

How to Cancel Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Subscription

In this guide, I will tell you how to cancel Amazon FreeTime unlimited subscription. This service from Amazon offers thousands of engaging content for kids. For kids in their pre-teenage, this...
How to Fix Chrome Continue Where You Left Off

How to Fix Chrome Continue Where You Left Off

Google Chrome is an ever-improving browser. The developers are always so keen on bringing rich features to the browser that makes life easier (do they really?). One such useful feature is Continue...
cast max go

How to Cast Max Go to Chromecast enabled TV

Max Go, also known as Cinemax Go, is a streaming service from Cinemax. The service lets the user stream content with a Cinemax subscription. The service is packed with over 400...
Disable Chromecast Media Controls

How To Disable Chromecast Media Controls on Chrome

Google Chrome recently introduced media controls when the users Cast contents over their network from the browser. A media playback control icon will be visible at the top-right corner of the...
Google Docs

Google Docs: Create/Import Documents with Images Above/Behind Text

Google Docs is in no doubt the most used alternative for the infamous Microsoft Word. It does a great job at no cost, and while this helps them expand their userbase,...

How to cast Plex Media Player to chromecast

Accessing the media files on the go is pretty difficult, especially if you want to switch between devices when you are on a travel. Add to this, if you are someone...
att tv now logo

How to cast AT&T TV Now (DirecTV Now) to Chromecast

AT&T TV Now (Formerly DirecTV) is an AT&T owned digital streaming service, that doesn't require a satellite connection. It aims to provide a variety of channels and TV shows to its...



How to cast Zoom meetings to Chromecast

Video conferencing through multiple devices at home has become a mandatory requisite these days when people are sitting inside their homes to protect themselves...