Disney+ Gets Hulu Content in the Beta Version


Disney is finally rolling out support for Hulu content in the US, at least on the beta version of the app. Like other countries, Hulu on Disney+ is finally here for US customers after Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed the combined experience last month. Disney Plus and Hulu bundle subscribers can now see Hulu at the top interface, where major titles like Pixar and Star Wars appear.

disney+ gets hulu content in the beta version

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Upon clicking Hulu, the user will enter the Hulu Hub, where they can access thousands of TV shows and movies. Well, those subscribed to Disney Plus and Hulu separately can also enjoy the new experience, given they have the same email address.

The experience in the Hulu Hub is quite familiar with the Disney Plus App. However, there are some hits and misses, as users are looking for the quick-access sidebar to access categories and movies. Also, the “continue watching” queue is not present, and the users have to manually browse content where they left off.

Well, the app is still in beta and is scheduled to launch in the spring of 2024. There’s a lot of time to fix the bottlenecks and streamline the user experience. However, the Hulu separate app will keep working as it “is not a replacement” yet an alternate. Features like Hulu with Live TV and premium add-ons will remain part of the official Hulu app. Even some of the content library is limited to Hulu app users. They won’t be able to experience some titles like Modern Family and Love Island on the Disney+ app.

Disney is bragging more about bundle packages than standalone subscriptions, which are already getting dearer. However, Disney is losing subscribers, and the rally remains continuous throughout the year.



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