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Google’s new Material You UI comes to Chrome

Google I/O 2021 was a slow-paced event that clearly focused on giving promises. And one such promise Google gave us was regarding an uplift in the UI side of Android. In the event, Google announced their new Material You UI design and confirmed that Android 12 will follow this new design scheme. But there was no indication as to whether Material You UI will come to lower versions of Android. Lucky for us Google’s new Material You comes to Chrome for Android in the form of a Chrome flag.

google's new material you comes to chrome

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The said Chrome flag is an addition to the new Chrome 90 for Android. The flag was first spotted by Android Police. And it brings the Material You design component to the browser’s overflow menu. Once enabled, some users are treated with rounded corners to the menu field compared to the much boxier design. We say some because most users have reported that the flag is sitting there doing nothing.

What to expect

As said earlier, when enabled, the feature will round the corners of the menu bar. And that’s all there to expect. But this should be enough to get an idea of the upcoming Material You UI design. We could expect apps (Google and others) to have rounded edges and larger icons. As per Google, Material You focuses on improving the overall user experience by providing the user with an upper hand on customization.

current vs material you
Courtesy: Android Police | Chrome for Android: Current vs Material You

How to enable it Material You UI

Make sure Google Chrome is updated to the latest version. Open the following URL from your Chrome browser.


Change Default to Enabled from the drop-down menu and restart the browser. Many of you might not spot a difference as the feature is still in its initial stage. Your Android version might also be a limiting factor.

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Providing the best User Experience is one of the challenges faced by software developers. Moreover, Google has been a helping hand for many with their unified design scheme for Android apps. We hope Material You will be a step up in the UI department and that it will be accessible to all.

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Fausaan C M
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