Jackbox Games Party Pack 10 available for Google TV & Android TV


After skipping the iterations of the famous Jackbox Party games from 2020, the Jackbox Games are now available for Google TV and Android TV. Interested folks can enjoy the instant classics on the big screen and smartphones.

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Jack Party Pack 10 brings five different titles including Fixy Text, Tee K.O. 2, DodoReMi, TimeJinx, and Hypnotorious. It is available for the Google TV and Android TV devices via Play Store for the price of $34.99.

The Jackbox Games Party Pack 8 and Party Pack 9 missed Android TV OS due to changed requirements. The Jackbox Games CTO Evan Jacover explained that these changes are being made on Party Pack 8 and Party Pack 9, and will be made available for Android TV  and Google TV in the coming time.

Earlier, Google Stadia offered an option to enjoy these games on Android TV OS, but since its closure, the users are stuck with official availability. Surprisingly, the Jackbox Party Pack 10 is now officially available for Android TV and Google TV users via Play Store.



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