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Stuck on Google Logo issue

Fix Google Nest Hub and Nest Max “Stuck on Google Logo/Grey Screen” issue

Google Nest Hub is a popular smart home device that can play songs for you, remind you of pre-planned events, and help you sort out your grocery and daily to-do list....
Nest Doorbell and Cam won't charge below rated temperatures

Nest Doorbell and Cam won’t charge below rated temperatures

Battery chemistries are tricky and confusing. Li-ion and Li-Polymer excel in many factors and is an inevitable part of smartphones and electronic gadgets. However, these chemistries also suffer from weird behaviours...
move your music from one room to another

Adverse response from users compels Google to restore white noise sound

Amidst backlash from audiophile users, Google has brought back the original white noise to the nest and Home devices. As per a Google forum community manager, there had been some technical...

Deal: Google One users can get free 2nd Gen Nest Hub

Google very well knows how to promote its products. A beefy cut of the American tech giant's profit comes from their cloud services. Google One is a replacement for the paid...
Google Nest Camera

Google Home: APK Insight Hints on New Feature Additions

Google Home app for Android received a major server-side update last weak. It focused mainly on Wi-Fi and network management for connected devices. The update aimed at improving the Nest Hello experience with...

A mysterious Google “Wireless Product” with model number GWX3T clears FCC

An unknown wireless device from Google with the FCC ID A4RGWX3T just cleared the certification hinting at its impending launch. Tech watchdogs have it that the product might be Google's next...
How to use Google Assistant Guest Mode on Google Home Nest smart speaker

How to use Google Assistant Guest Mode on Google Home/Nest

There is no doubt that Google Assistant is one of the best (or the best) virtual assistants out there. Thanks to the clever engineering, the Google Assistant can handle almost anything...
How to check firmware version of Google Nest and Home devices

How to check the firmware version of Google Nest and Home devices

Google Nest and Home devices are a set of smart devices from "you know who". These devices enable the user to do a lot more than what a conventional speaker or...
gchromecasthub new next security cameras

New Google Nest Security Camera design spotted at USPTO

Google is preparing for the launch of new Nest Security cameras as per the recent reports. Currently, there are four different Nest Cameras - Nest Cam IQ Indoor, Nest Cam Indoor...
move your music stream transfer

How to move Music/Videos to another room using new Stream Transfer feature

Earlier this month Google rolled out a Stream transfer feature. Now with google's new stream transfer feature, you can move your music/video which you are watching to another smart speaker/ display...



How to cast Zoom meetings to Chromecast

Video conferencing through multiple devices at home has become a mandatory requisite these days when people are sitting inside their homes to protect themselves...