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cancel disney plus subscripition

How to Cancel a Disney Plus Subscription

Disney Plus is one of the popular streaming service all around the globe. It was launched back in November 2019. The Walt Disney Company owns the Disney Plus streaming service, including the...
Vudu on Chromecast

How to cast Vudu to Chromecast

Vudu has come a long way since its inception. Initially started as a digital media player known as the Vudu Box, the brand quickly retreated from the hardware industry. Since 2010,...
Chrome 95 beta rollout: What's new

Chrome for iOS gets Autofill password and more in latest update

Google Chrome is the most used mobile browser even on the iOS platform. The browser makes browsing very efficient and easy with its useful features. So, browsing has always been easy...

How to cast NFL Game Pass on Chromecast

If you watch NFL, you might have heard about NFL Game Pass. NFL Game Pass is a streaming service that streams NFL games and NFL-related content. The service is available on...
Google TV on iOS

Google TV app arrives on iOS App Store

Recently, Google launched personalized profiles on Google TV with the ability to create up to 12 profiles. This feature allowed users to create their own personalized space for a better TV...
HBO Max chromecast support

How to watch HBO Max on LG TV

HBO Max has gained subscribers at a stunning speed and with the rise in popularity, the app is becoming available on most TVs. The app brings a lot of content to...

How to cancel Paramount Plus subscription

Paramount Plus, the video-on-demand service by Paramount is a very popular streaming service. It is available on all of the modern-day content watching platforms such as Android, iOS, Roku, and different...
Gifs on Gboard

How to use GIFs on Gboard

GIFs have become the texting language for the youth now, it makes conversation funny and interesting. GIFs are also an efficient way to convey emotions while messaging just like Emoji. So,...
How to cast C-SPAN live stream using Chromecast

How to cast C-SPAN live stream using Chromecast

C-SPAN (or Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network) is a well-established non-profit cable and satellite network in the US. As the technology has improved, C-SPAN has also adapted to modern standards. Today, anyone...
Chrome Delays Removal of Third-party Cookies to 2023

Google Chrome for iOS Crashing After Latest App Update

Google Chrome app for iOS has become unstable after the latest update rolled out on App Store. The users who have installed the Chrome app v97.0.4692.72 are complaining of frequent app...
Google Meet Change Background

Change Background on Google Meet for iOS now

Google adds the ability to change the background in Google Meet while calling in last year. But at that time the feature is only available limited platforms. Now Google includes the...



How to cast Zoom meetings to Chromecast

Video conferencing through multiple devices at home has become a mandatory requisite these days when people are sitting inside their homes to protect themselves...