Google adding “Free TV Channels” App on Android TV Homescreen


The year has remained quite fruitful for Android TV users, especially those residing in the US, as Google rolled out support for over 100+ free TV channels. The recent addition of 10+ free channels has increased the total number to 115+. Along with this, there have been regular security patches over the past couple of months. In addition, here’s another good news that allows users to access the Free TV Channels easily from Android TV HomeScreen.

google adding "free tv channels" app on android tv homescreen

Google has added a “Free TV Channels” App to the Home screen, and users can find it in their favorite apps’ bar. The new App or app lets users easily head over to the 115+ free channels that have been added over the past year via multiple cooperations. It will be made available to all Android TV users in the US over the next few days.

Even Google says, “Starting today and over the next few weeks on Android TV devices in the U.S., you will see a shortcut to free channels in the Favorite Apps row on your home screen. Free channels from Google TV includes everything from local news to movies to sports, all of which are available without the need for additional downloads, payments, or subscriptions.”

The change will be visible on Android TVs such as Nvidia Shield or old TVs from TCL, Hisense, LG, Sony, and other brands. Google TV users on Chromecast and other new TVs from different OEMs won’t be getting this new feature.

It will automatically roll out to the Android TV, and the users will have the ability to keep the app or remove it from their respective devices.

Google recently issued a new security patch for the Chromecast with Google TV HD and 4K models. It brings security changes and other bug fixes to improve overall stability.



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