Google Meet gets a dedicated page for ease of joining a meeting


Google Meet and similar video streaming apps are new popular since last year. The apps like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet itself garnered a huge chunk of users last month as work-from-home practise gained popularity amid pandemic. However, to tackle the increasing competition from Zoom and other competitors, Google Meet is bringing several new changes to bring more usefulness and ease of access to its services. Google Meet has introduced a landing page to join or start an instant video. Make sure to check our guide to cast Google Meet and Zoom.

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The users can access the Google Meet landing page at to instantly start and join a video meeting. There are three options on the page which will let you use the service without heading into Meet greenroom. It has enabled users to save a lot of time with some few taps.

Create a meeting for later: It is a quick option to generate credentials for a new meeting. The users can share those credentials and the remote users can flawlessly connect using those credentials.

Start an Instant Meeting: The users can join the meeting using the same credentials shared by your host. However, the users won’t be able to run off microphone and video initially but can turn them off once in a meeting. The users can even add more users once they have joined the room.

Schedule in Google Calendar: The host would be able to schedule a meeting using Google Calendar. It is a useful option to automate all the aspects of the meeting.

The user will be required to enter the meeting code or nickname to join the meeting. However, there are no admin controls and end-users control. It will take 10-15 days for the feature to become available for all users.

Apart from the Workspace Essentials customers, the feature will be available for all other Google users ranging from personal Google Accounts to Business standard users. However, the Workspace Essentials customers will get other two options to replace “Schedule in Google Calendar”.

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