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How to Cast Macbook to TV

MacBook’s are some of the sleekest and premium laptops available in the market. These devices can do quite a lot more than you think, and one such feature is the ability to cast these devices to a TV or an external monitor. Interestingly, there are multiple ways you could cast your MacBook to a TV. So in this guide, we’ll discuss the different ways to cast a MacBook to a TV.

How to cast Macbook to TV

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Apple has introduced their AirPlay feature that lets user cast their Apple devices effortlessly to a supported TV or streaming device. But there are older models of MacBooks in which the AirPlay feature is not available. So for both types of Macbooks, we have listed the methods below.

Steps to Cast MacBook to TV

In this guide, we’ll also discuss how you can cast from MacBooks using Google Chrome. But like always, make sure your setup meets the following.


  • Ensure both the MacBook and TV are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • AirPlay might need Bluetooth to be turned on in both the TV and the MacBook,
  • If your TV is not a Smart TV, make sure you have a streaming dongle that supports AirPlay.(Needed in Airplay method)

Cast using Google Chrome

Like always, we’ll start with the easy one, the Google Chrome browser. Casting from Chrome on a Mac is the same as casting from Chrome on a Windows machine. This method is suited for those who own an old TV with built-in casting abilities. It also works with Google Chromecast.

  1. Download and install Google Chrome on your Macbook.
  2. Open Chrome and look for the menu icon at the top right corner of the browser.
  3. Click on it and look for the Cast option.
  4. Once you click it, the browser will start scanning the network for supported TVs in the same Wi-Fi network.
  5. Select your TV once it appears in the search list. Your Macbook will now appear on your TV.

In case if you’re not able to switch tabs while casting, it is likely due to the reason that you didn’t change the Cast tab option. Simply change it Cast desktop or anything that sounds similar. Even though the process was simple, you had to install Google Chrome on your device. This is where AirPlay will come in handy if you have a supported TV and Macbook.

Cast using AirPlay

Casting a Macbook using AirPlay is the best way to go. AirPlay also lets you control the TV like you would with a remote.

  1. Open Control Center in your Macbook and click on Screen Mirroring.
  2. Wait for it to scan for nearby devices. Click on the TV/device once it appears in the list.
  3. That’s all you need to do. Your Macbook will now be mirrored to the TV.

The same method applies to Apple TV and other streaming devices like Fire TV, Roku, etc. To mirror a Mac to smart TVs without Apple TV, you could also get dedicated mirroring apps designed to work with that TV brand. Samsung SmartThing app is exclusive to Samsung TVs. Similarly, Sony has its AirBeamTV app. You could download them from the app store to cast your Mac to your TV.

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There will be a considerable amount of delay for both the methods listed above. So gamers might have to stick with mirroring through HDMI. We wonder whether any gamers are using a Macbook as their gaming machine. The delay will be consistent throughout the session. However, you could bring it down significantly by installing a faster Wi-Fi modem.


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