What is Streameast – Alternatives, Features and Legality?


If you are a huge sports fan, you might have heard the name Streameast. And if you haven’t heard the name yet, this article will provide you with everything you can get. Streameast is a streaming website that streams live sports content for free. The website offers NFL, NBA, UFC, and many more sports content streaming.


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Streameast offers online streaming of live sports without any registration or subscription. This also leads to the issue of piracy, as the website provides everything free and without the consent of owners. Streameast doesn’t provide this content for downloads at all, users can only stream the content on the website.

Note: GChromecastHUB does not promote piracy at all and advises you to use genuine sites and services to access any kind of premium content.

There are also many fake websites running with the same name that can be used to infect your device. Streameast is having only three websites and all the others are fake. The three official Streameast websites are:

  • streameast.io
  • streameast.live
  • streameast.xyz

what is streameast - alternatives, features and legality?

Is Streameast safe?

Streameast is an illegal website as it provides free content without the owner’s consent. So, there is a possibility that it might be unsafe for users as these kinds of free websites are used for wrong practices to generate money. As already mentioned above we advise you to stay away from these kinds of websites. However, if you are someone who wants to check the website, it is advised to use a VPN. And also, do not click on ads and links which seem suspicious.

Streameast Alternatives

There are many alternatives available for Streameast you can try. And these alternatives have been great as Streameast was shut down many times before. But, some of these websites are also free so, the legality of these websites is not known yet.

StopStream TV

StopStream TV is a website that provides live sports and recorded sports content from the past. The website is having a very simple interface and covers most of the sports content available online.


This website nflbite.com provides a plethora of sports content and is also affiliated with NCCA. As the name suggests, the website focuses on streaming NFL games.


The name Cricfree clearly indicates that the website offers a lot of cricket content. But, it also offers streaming other sports live. The website provides streaming links for different live events and the upcoming ones too.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV provides enough sports content for a normal user and it also offers regional sports channels. It is completely legal and is available in the US. You can stream a lot of channels using  YouTube TV at a starting price of $65 per month.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is also a streaming service that offers live stream sports channels. The best part about the service is that it is completely free and contains very few ads. Tubi TV is available on many platforms and is very easy to use.


MamaHD is another website where you can find links for live streaming sports events. The website only offers ongoing live events and is well categorized for users. Just like Streameast, this website is also free and you don’t have to register to stream content.

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These are some of the best Streameast alternatives you can use for streaming live sports. Kindly check the legality of these websites as there would be an issue of piracy due to free streaming. Piracy is equivalent to theft and we do not promote the practice, always use genuine websites and services. These free websites always contain the risk of malware infections and data privacy.


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