YouTube for Chromecast with Google TV gets Playback Speed Control

YouTube for Chromecast with Google TV gets Playback Speed Control

Wait, what YouTube didn't have this?! many of you might ask that after reading the title. But that has been the truth, YouTube for Chromecast with Google TV never had any...

YouTube Music for Android Auto gets a Facelift

An improved UI for an app might not something a car owner expects in their infotainment system. Only because of the very reason that one must focus on the road rather...

A mysterious Google “Wireless Product” with model number GWX3T clears FCC

An unknown wireless device from Google with the FCC ID A4RGWX3T just cleared the certification hinting at its impending launch. Tech watchdogs have it that the product might be Google's next...
Google Docs

Google Docs: Create/Import Documents with Images Above/Behind Text

Google Docs is in no doubt the most used alternative for the infamous Microsoft Word. It does a great job at no cost, and while this helps them expand their userbase,...
Google's new Material You comes to Chrome

Google’s new Material You UI comes to Chrome

Google I/O 2021 was a slow-paced event that clearly focused on giving promises. And one such promise Google gave us was regarding an uplift in the UI side of Android. In...
Google Weather gets Material Theme redesign

Google Weather gets Material Theme redesign

Google Weather is an Android service that doesn't have any ups or downs over the years. The service followed a simple and straightforward design based on the 2014 Material Design. This...
Google Photos

Heads Up! Google Photos free unlimited storage ends this month, save all photos on...

The day we've been cautiously awaiting is not so far away on which Google will officially stop providing free unlimited storage in Google Photos. To be precise, on June 01 2021...
Google I/O 2021

GOOGLE I/O 2021: Android 12, Improved Google Search and promises for a better future

Google I/O 2021 started with a short clip compiling previous events, and we believe there was a reason. To put it simply, Google I/O 2021 kept on giving more and more...
Google IO 2021 will go Live Today

Google I/O 2021 will go Live Today

Google I/O is the annual developer conference held by Google. Google announces most of their plans for the year at this conference. And that should be enough to get an idea...
YouTube TV

Google ingeniously adds YouTube TV to the main YouTube app on Roku

Google and Roku are not on good terms which we'll discuss later in this article. Nevertheless, its implication has taken another step now as Google implemented a new way to access...

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How to cast Zoom meetings to Chromecast

Video conferencing through multiple devices at home has become a mandatory requisite these days when people are sitting inside their homes to protect themselves...