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Google Photos testing a new Image Search Button

Google always brings new features to its products to make it further better. Google Photos is one such app popular among users due to its features and usability. The brand often...
Google Photos new Collage editor

Google Photos gets a new update with Collage Editor, and Improvements in Memories

Google Photos gets an update that brings the a improvements in memories and it brings the new collage editor. The new collage editor will make more easier to create shareable collages....

Google tweaks Google Photos widget

Google's new Material You design is rapidly making its way to most Android apps. The software giant has already updated most of its services and apps to its modern design scheme....
Google Photos

Heads Up! Google Photos free unlimited storage ends this month, save all photos on...

The day we've been cautiously awaiting is not so far away on which Google will officially stop providing free unlimited storage in Google Photos. To be precise, on June 01 2021...

Google Photos for Web receives an ‘Explore’ tab and a shortcut for ‘Favorites’

Google Photos for the web gets an 'Explore' tab and a shortcut for 'Favorites.'  It can be called as equivalent to the 'Search' tab on Android and iOS. It will enhance...
google photos update

Google Photos for Android update brings enhanced video editing tools, Google One users get...

Google always keep evolving its services and products by the means of new innovations and features. The search giant is making Google Photos for Android more productive and useful by brining...
Google Photos as screensaver on Google TV

How to show Photos from Google Photos as screensaver on Google TV

Google TV is a Smart TV platform of the search engine giant, built over a custom version of Android TV. It is revolutionary as it bought most of the streaming services...
Google Photos map

Google Photos map view adds satellite, travel Timeline

Google Photos and maps are two apps from Google, with deep roots in our day-to-day life. Last month Google said that they are bringing the Timeline feature from Maps to Photos....



How to cast Zoom meetings to Chromecast

Video conferencing through multiple devices at home has become a mandatory requisite these days when people are sitting inside their homes to protect themselves...