Google Drive

Google Drive for Web now supports Cut, Copy, Paste keyboard shortcuts

Google Drive is the popular cloud storage platform from Google. It offers up to 15 GB of free storage for every user with a Gmail account.  As per the latest developments,...

How to fix the audio delay issue on Chromecast

Chromecast provides a plethora of applications for streaming content online. These applications provide media content in high-quality and some even allow streaming multiple screens at a time. All these features make...
google assistant driving mode

Now get Google Fit and FitBit Stats from Google Assistant

Google Fit is the health-tracking app that obtains data from smartwatches. It helps the user monitor his daily movements such as exercise and steps. This helps them to follow a healthy...
Disable Google Chrome PDF Viewer

How to Disable Google Chrome PDF Viewer

Almost every desktop browser offers the ability to open PDF docs. Many browsers will often open the file instead of downloading it. It can be an inconvenience for someone who wants...
Google Calculator

Google Calculator Brings New Interface for Tablets

Since the launch of Android 12L last year, Google is optimizing every Android application for the tablet platform. Android has been successful in the smartphone world, but when it comes to...
unable to find chromecast in home app

Fix: Can’t find Chromecast on Google Home

Chromecast is a media streaming device used for online content consumption. It is one of the most used streaming devices along with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. You can install many...

Google TV Finally Gets Profiles for Users

Google TV interface by Google, is one of the smartest TV interfaces. It is available on major Android TVs and Chromecast and grows day by day. The UI provides a better...
Chrome OS

Chrome OS To Bring New Audio Setting Page

Google introduced many new features and changes with the Chrome OS 100 making it the biggest update for Chrome OS. The main highlight is Chrome OS Audio Setting Page. Google is...
Youtube TV Vs Sling Tv

YouTube TV vs Sling TV – Which is Better?

In this write-up, we will compare two live TV streaming services, YouTube TV and Sling TV. As the name suggests live TV streaming grabs the content directly from the internet and...
YouTube TV vs Hulu Live

YouTube TV vs Hulu Plus Live TV: Which one is better?

Live TV streaming services are becoming more popular with their additional features over the regular cable service. There are many live TV streaming services available in the market with different plans...

How to cancel Paramount Plus subscription

Paramount Plus, the video-on-demand service by Paramount is a very popular streaming service. It is available on all of the modern-day content watching platforms such as Android, iOS, Roku, and different...
Google IO 2021 will go Live Today

Google announces new casting abilities at Google I/O

Google announced many new things at Google I/O this year, the majority of it was the new Pixel hardware. Google introduced the new Pixel 6A, Pixel Buds Pro, and the new...
YouTube TV vs fuboTV

YouTube TV vs fubo TV – Which is better?

Both YouTube TV and fuboTV are two of the most popular streaming service in the US. While the first came in early 2017, the latter has been with us since 2015....
Google Pixel 6A launched

Google launches a bunch of new Pixel devices

Google I/O 2022 wrap up - Google launched the Pixel 6A smartphone along with the Pixel Buds Pro earbuds have also been released. Google also dropped a teaser of its upcoming Pixel...
Connect Chromecast to Hotel WiFi

How to Connect Chromecast to Hotel WiFi

Are you planning a trip somewhere? Then you would be staying at some hotel. Are you curious to know if it is possible to connect Chromecast to hotel WiFi? Hotels usually...